Educational Series

Searching for things you want online can be frustrating.

Sure, you could browse through the archives by relying on the tags, but even then it is a tedious task.

What About the Search Feature?

Well, what about it?

How will you know “what” you ought to search for?

You might be interested in learning LINQ or how to properly automate websites, but which article should you start with?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and finally decided to create a page specifically for that. Think of it as a gateway that connects you to the information you are interested in.

Gateways Ahoy!

This page is still under construction and I will keep adding more portals as time goes on.

Its a goal of mine to populate The Coding Theory with over 100 articles. I’ve penned around 50 articles so far, and it will be a while before I get there.

Feel free to jump into the ones which are available:

LINQuistic Art is a worthwhile investment my friend
Click here to learn how Xpaths work, and how you can work with them.
Take some time to laugh every once in a while, or your wrinkles will get wrinkles
Do you wanna be the best, like no one ever was?
If that’s a Yes, then you my friend, have been watching way too much Pokémon.