Its not just you, even I get bored with the technical stuff from time to time.

I like what I do, but I don’t “love” it.

I just found a way to play around with it, which motivates me to go on exploring.


There is no subject in this world which always makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. There are times when you have to kick back and relax.

You can only work at full capacity if you are well rested.

So please don’t burn me at the stake.

How is Humor Educational?

You will only be motivated to learn if you can find something interesting about it.

My way of finding the funnies is by linking it with the millions of memes I’ve consumed on the internet.

Others might memorize it only to forget it later on, while I on the other hand will be laughing uncontrollably each time I revisit concepts that I’ve converted into memes.

To put it simply, humor lets you to connect with the material in a way that makes them unforgettable, or at least that’s my experience with it.

Alright, Humor Me Then.

Lets start with some Mails.

Sending mails ain’t easy
Taking leaves ain’t easy
Showing up on time ain’t easy

Then there are few random articles I penned in between, just for practice.

AI, ML and RPA are NOT in the same income bracket
The battle continues…
The robots are here to take over your job…or are they?
OOPS is not a mistake, its a concept.
“RPA is easy, its just click and drag”
What if my client raises another enhancement request?