Five Star Developer Series

Are you a scripting wizard capable of casting automation spells off the back of your head?

Is creating Custom Packages so easy that you can do it with your eyes closed?

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Pro RPA Developer?

Of course you don’t.

I am no scripting wizard either, nor can I create custom packages with my eyes closed.

I’m an apprentice, learning and sharing whatever spells I have painstakingly learnt so far.

I know how difficult it is to learn software development, which is why I left that behind and became an RPA developer instead.

Weren’t expecting that now were you?

Jokes aside (I’ll try), RPA is software development on steroids.

The operations are neatly tucked into automation blocks which you can simply drag into the workspace, but there are instances where those automation blocks aren’t sufficient to get the job done.

But before we can even address those situations, wouldn’t it be wise to learn how to use whatever automation blocks are already present?

Wouldn’t it be even wiser to understand just WHAT is available in our inventory before cementing those automation blocks together?

Yes, yes it would, which is why I started this series.

It’s an idea I came up with while I was in the shower, ruminating about my purpose here on this mote of dust floating about in the endless void of space, wondering whether our species will survive after the sun blows up into a red giant, and why the water wasn’t hot enough.

Five billion more years, and the water will be just right!

Now its time for you to become a Five Star RPA Developer!

I will continue populating this page with new content, so make sure you check out my blog every Monday!

Automation 360 Intro
IQ Bots
Bot Insights

Is That It?

Exploring features is all fine and dandy, but will that alone help you craft end to end solutions?

“No.”, whispered TCT.

“You have to explore as many concepts as you possibly can to become as good as I am, even though you will never become as good as I am.”, whispered TCT, before letting out a cackle of laughter.

Large Spreadsheets Are a Pain To Work With.

Looping through rows works for the most part, but what if there are more rows than you can count on your fingers and toes?

You’d probably still loop through them since its still just a toeful handful of rows to deal with, but what if there were tens of thousands, or millions of rows?

Then you’d have to wait for the Sun to make one complete revolution around the Earth (which happens to be flat) for the process to finish execution.

Oh, but there is an alternative.

Automation Anywhere lets us treat Excel Spreadsheets like it were a Database, and if you’ve ever worked with Databases before, you know how fast they can be.

Here are two articles I’ve penned on the subject, because I know you are too lazy to do the research on your own.

Introduction to Excel as a Database
Not an Introduction, its goes Deep my Friend