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Do you want to become a solution wizard?

Do you think you have what it takes to master the art of LINQ and develop mind boggling solutions?

Once you learn LINQ, you will be able to complete your work super fast and have more time to explore other software, or simply spend that time on yourself.

Huh? Oh you’ve never heard of LINQ.

Then read the articles given below:

This was the first Article I had penned as an introduction to LINQ
I penned another for no particular reason.

Now that you are familiar with LINQ, the only thing left is to devote yourself to it and level up!

What, you think you are too dumb to learn something that transformative?

That’s what I once used to think.

I didn’t understand any of it either, and avoided it like the plague. Little did I know, that this was a worthwhile investment. Its going to be tough at first, but slowly, but surely, it will all click and you will start enjoying it.

Library of Beginner Spells

Library of Intermediate Spells

Introduction to Lambda and Query Syntax
Using “Dictionary” to solve the problem
Introduction(a sloppy one) to GroupBy
Lambda Function syntax for Grouping Data
Complex problem breakdown using LINQ
Continuation of Complex problem breakdown
Difference between ‘Select’ and ‘Where’