RPA really shines when it comes to Web Automation, as there is zero scripting involved.

You can get a lot done in less time, which translates into more free time for you, or more work if your manager gets wind of it.


Learning web automation involves learning what Xpaths are, how to craft and use them.

It isn’t difficult to grasp, but it isn’t exactly easy to learn either, which is why I penned these articles.

Are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to infect yourself with some of that XPathology?

Hell Yeah! I’m Ready to Take on the World!

Hold your horses, you can’t just hop onto a stallion and expect it to behave.

You have to spend some time with it, get to know it a little or risk getting kicked in the rear.

Learn “What” the Capture Action is, and how to Guide it first.

How to use the Capture Action
Advanced XPath Concepts

Data Scraping is Fun!

Now that you have tamed the wild stallion, its time you took it out for a ride.

Scrapping Data off the Bot Store – I
Scrapping Data off the Bot Store – II
Scrapping Data off the Bot Store – III
Extracting PseudoTables -I
Extracting PseudoTables – II
An Interesting way to Extract PseudoTables

Web Automation Package

I stumbled upon this package during BotWars, and can’t seem to stop stumbling back to it.

So I thought I’d create a series for that as well.

Yep, I’ve got way too much time on my hands.

Introduction to Web Automation Package
Five Useful Tips on Web Automation Package